The end

this is probably my last post written here in Czech Republic. 
This week, I felt more emotional than I thought I would feel . This place has somehow changed something inside me and given me another view on this world. It has learned me things about others and about myself. 
And what I now feel is gratefulness.
To my family, who has given me this change. 
To my host family, who has been letting me take part in their live without asking anything back.
To my class, where everyone was always friendly and helpful. I haven't been able to make real friends there, but somehow they have showed me that people -, most of the time,- want eachother to be happy. 
To AFS, who accepts everyone from the very first moment. 
The past 3 months were a true rollercoaster of emotions:  loneliness, homesickness, happiness,...
It's something I will never forget.
But after all, I think I'm gonna look at it as a very good thing. At the last weekend, in Prague, the volunteer told us to like &#…

Last weeks

Time is flying: 2 weeks ago, I realised I am here already for more than 2 months. It's crazy. I haven't seen my family or friends for more than an entire summer vacation. Now that there are only 2 weeks left, I unbelievably long to see them again. I'm tired of feeling alone: I want to be again with someone who knows me. Here, people can be friendly or helpful, but I always am afraid I do something wrong and that they don't like me because of that. They don't know me and I've learned it takes a while to get to know me. So, maybe if I would stay for a year, it would work out, but I don't. I'm only here for 3 months and there's not much time left anymore.
2 weeks ago, there was an International Dinner for people of my chapter. I made 'Stoofvlees' to represent my country. Also the other meals were very good!
Friday, the 17th of november, there was no school. It's a special date for Czech Republic. In the year 1939, students of Pragu…
Here I am again to disturb you with a short summary of my little 'adventures'.
Let's start to say that the weeks after my previous post weren't the most difficult ones for me, but certainly the most confusing. First, I had (like I said) a camp. There was unbelievable much fun: we played games, talked about our families and school, learned things to eachother about our countries,... etc. I felt relieved that there were people that felt the same way I did. Sometimes, you would forget that and you would think you're the only one in the world who's doing this.
But at the other side, it was also hard for me. Most students stay for a year and I realised I would propably never experience this exchange fully. I simply don't have enough time to do that. So, sunday I came home in the evening and the next morning, I immediately went to school again and I felt bad. It was so weird: I wanted to stay longer, to get more time to get used here, but at the same time, I wa…


I have the feeling time is going faster and faster. You go to school, visit places, make long promenades,... and before you know, you are already at the half! Yes, it's true,  after this week I will have as much to do as I will have done yet.
It's weird to say that this exchange isn't exactly what I thought it would be, but it doesn't leave me unsatisfied. Now I don't have the normal rush I would have in Belgium and have almost all afternoon free, I have the feeling I've become calmer within.  I enjoy more the little things like reading a book, listening music, playing the piano,...
I don't have the stress I normally have in Belgium. Sometimes,  it just happens I forget to learn for a test and I still get a 1 or 2 (1 is best, 5 is worst). This is not mean to boast,  but I've realised that our education level is actually quite high. But off course I'm not saying it's not good here. At some point, it seems students know better what they wan…

In the mountains....

Hello! Here I am writing this post in the park of Sokolov where the leafs of trees around me are already getting coloured.  Autumn is coming! Yay! I love summer, but after hot weather, wearing skirts and T-shirts, it's always nice to have the cosy seasons back. But I also know that after a month or two,  I wil already be longing after summer again 😊.
Because yesterday was a feastday,  there was no school and I don't have to go to school today as well.
I just realised that I'm already here for 5 weeks and that this was my fourth week of school. It's a pretty weird feeling: It's insane that I'm already staying here that long, but at the same time, it feels like I am already here for months!
Like my family has already hosted 3 girls before me, I find it exciting to sleep in a room where people of different countries have slept,  but with the same intentions as me: going on an exchange with AFS to learn a new culture. I wonder how they were, felt, what they did…

Problems (probably) solved!

Hello everyone!
Just a short post because my father told me today that some had problems with leaving a reaction on my blog.
Well, this is solved now! Everyone should be able now to place a comment! 😄
Also, if you want to receive a mail every time I have written something new, you can too! Just go to 'Follow by Email' (sidebar at the left), give your email adress and you will know it directly if I have something to tell!Thank you and greetings from Czech Republic! 🇨🇿
It's already more than a week ago that I've posted something on my blog. So, here I am again to tell you about my daily life in Sokolov.
Every day, school starts at eight o'clock in the morning and ends at 13.30 p.m. So, at that point, I have more free time than in Belgium. Most of the time, I then try to improve Czech language. Yesterday, my host father told me that I had already learned much for the time I have been here 😄. And I must say that I also notice improvement: my family is talking more and more Czech towards me, sometimes I can explain little things in this language and this morning I was looking at a magazine when I realised I understood the first paragraph!  Okay, that's not that much, but it's something to start with. One of the habits here is that you may not wear shoes in the house. Instead, you must wear slippers or sandals. When you're in the house of someone else, you just don't wear any shoes  (or you take your sandals with you…